A harmony takes shape between the textures and materials, flavours and tones, scents and atmospheres, shadows and lights.

This carefully designed space reflects the delicate crunchiness and tanginess of Mallory’s cuisine.

The choice of colours and materials evokes the scents of Mallory’s recipes.

So, the colour of the velvet on the chairs, along with a few touches of turquoise (Mallory’s favourite colour), is inspired by saffron, an ingredient that reminds him of the dishes he enjoyed as a child.

Bienvenue chez Mallory Gabsi.

It is in the symbiosis between the cuisine and the decor that all the magic of this place lies. Chef Mallory Gabsi welcomes you to a space that he wanted to be poetic, where the boundaries between the kitchen and the dining room blur.

Here, the kitchen opens onto the dining room, offering a captivating spectacle where each gesture of the chef is an invitation to dialogue with his guests.

For the tableware, made-to-measure ceramic pieces (sauce boats, plates) sit alongside the classical and timeless charm of Bernardaud plates and Christofle cutlery.

In this restaurant, every detail is designed to transport you into the unique universe of the Chef, where the beauty of the place is only an echo of the perfection of the flavors served there.

Découvrez l'intemporel des assiettes Bernardaud.