“We are highly committed to our values based around the shared conviviality of quality gastronomy. My aim is to continue making people happy with my cuisine and most of all to stay true to myself.”

A story

The young Belgian chef, Mallory Gabsi, gained a public profile by reaching the semi-finals of season 11 of the famous French television programme Top Chef, and subsequently co-presenting television programmes, particularly Cauchemar en Cuisine (Kitchen Nightmares) on the French channel M6 alongside fellow chef Philippe Etchebest. Participating in these projects represents the fulfilment of the passion for cooking that Malllory has had since he was a child.

Mallory was born in 1996 in Ixelles, near to Brussels and is nicknamed “Malou” by his loved ones and his fans. He took a very early interest in the culinary arts. He is very close to his grandparents, and he used to watch his grandmother preparing dishes or his grandfather , who is of Tunisian origin, working hard to make huge couscous meals for the whole family.

It was therefore a natural progression when he was a teenager to focus his studies on cooking. He followed a course at the École d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Spermalie in Bruges, and then at the Institut Libre de Technique in Louvain before becoming an intern in several highly renowned establishments.

He met with rapid success. In 2014, alongside Danièle Soru, he won the “Jeunes Talents Disciples d’Auguste Escoffier” competition, and then in March 2015, he finished 4th in the Young European Restaurateurs Cooking Cup. He subsequently worked for two years with the chef Yves Mattagne at the Sea Grill in Brussels, headed for Flanders to work in the kitchen of the triple-starred chef Hertog Jan, before moving to France to work at Domaine de la Bretesche in Missillac. In late 2018, he returned to the Sea Grill where he became a relief chef.

A vision

Since then, aside from his television appearances, Mallory has launched several projects such as a recipe book, online cooking courses, the creation of 140°C Street in Paris, a hugely successful pop-up chip shop, the pop-up GreenHouse in Belgium, and then this year he has opened his two 140°C restaurants in Brussels… Today he has achieved his dream: opening his own establishment.